Big ATEX air handling unit for SACHEM Europe

SACHEM Europe, the pioneer in developing and producing high-purity fine chemicals vital to various industries worldwide, is proud to announce a significant advancement in its infrastructure.

Build in


Partnership for Excellence

In line with their dedication to innovation and operational improvement, SACHEM collaborated with Dutch Blower to install an ATEX air handling unit. This system boasts an impressive air capacity of 37,000 m3/h and is equipped with a range of advanced features, including heat recovery, heating coils, ATEX fans, lighting, actuators, sensors, and more.

Elevating Safety and Efficiency

The integration of this specialized air handling unit symbolizes our unwavering commitment to optimizing their operations, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and compliance with ATEX regulations. Leveraging Dutch Blower's expertise in creating high-quality, ATEX-compliant equipment ensures a safe and controlled environment while maintaining operational excellence."uitmuntendheid handhaven.

SACHEM's core values center around health, safety, environmental stewardship, ethical performance, and socially responsible practices. The implementation of this cutting-edge ATEX air handling unit aligns seamlessly with their ethos, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable, safe, and responsible manufacturing processes.

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